Simplifying Social Media Metrics

May 21, 2018


Metrics are simply standards of measurement by which efficiency, performance, or progress can be assessed. Yet in social media it can get complicated quickly with amount of data and options of what can be collected and where. In this podcast, we will cover the basics of collecting social media data, tracking social media metrics and identifying KPIs (key performance indicators). We will also consider how to link social media actions to business goals and marketing objectives for social measurement and optimization. This episode's host is Cyndi Greenglass.

Some of the talking points will include:

  1. Is there a simple way to link social media metrics to business and/or marketing objectives?
  2. What else should be as marketers being thinking about when it comes to social metrics?
  3. What is the biggest mistake marketers still make with social media metrics?

Getting the Full Benefit out of Your Customer Research Data

May 8, 2018


Customer experience has become an intrinsic element of every product and service. Data gathered from user research can inform the design process and provide insight to help teams evaluate the quality of the customer experience once the product goes live.

In parallel, the formalization of roles associated with data science and the advances in technology that enable advanced analytics to have created opportunities for data driven product design strategies. What I wanted to talk about in today’s discussion is the alignment of these two efforts, user research and analytics, and look at these from a systemic point of view that spans the product life-cycle. I thought we could also talk about a few insights gathered from implementation experiences that show practical ways to manage customer data so that you get the most out of the data you collect and retain.

What are some of the guiding principles when gathering customer data?

Throughout this discussion there are two points that I keep returning to. The first is that you need to define what decisions you are trying to make before you begin your research efforts; in other words, plan for how the data collected will help you to obtain the information you need to feel confident in your decisions. The second point is a practical point which is to make sure you know how the data you gather will be stored and how you will be able to retrieve that data and relate that data to other research data in the future.  For example, consider an e-commerce site. You may have customer data gathered during initial product design efforts and then once you go live with the site, web analytic data will be captured that provides insight into customer behavior on the website.

What are some of the other benefits of aligning user research and data analytics?

This is important both for opportunity as well as cost reasons. In terms of cost, some customer research efforts can require staff time as well as setup and operational costs. For example, if you are conducting field studies, there will be cost associated with travel and equipment as well as time spent by staff or consultants conducting the study.

It’s not only important to obtain results from these expenditures but you would also want to avoid having to repeat research efforts unnecessarily. From an opportunity point of view, organizing and storing information strategically enables subsequent use of data after the initial research effort was undertaken. You may want to calibrate the design decision making process later on in the product stage by comparing initial research results with actual product performance once it is released into the marketplace.

What is a good place to start to build you repository of customer data?

There are many strategies for collecting data about your customers. The methodology chosen is often influenced by the stage you are with the product or service. And quite frequently now, the capabilities of the technology used to develop and maintain the digital products.

To illustrate this, I’ll describe an example product development timeline and the associated user research efforts that typically take place along these well-known product milestones.

Data at the Crossroads of Congress and Ethics

April 25, 2018


There’s a classic divide between Washington, D.C., and Silicon Valley. Tech companies speak a different language and are moving at light-speed. Rachel Post, a former business journalist in Silicon Valley and former VP of Branded Content at Guardian Labs US, explores the boundaries and intersections of data and ethics.

Many media outlets have their own proprietary analytics software to track exactly where people click on a page, how far they scroll, where they go next and where they came from…allowing for real-time shifts in headlines and photos to meet the immediate demands of reader interests. The user experience is crafted on the spot by algorithms and technology.

From Facebook to autonomous vehicles, we’re navigating the ethics surrounding data collection real-time as new technologies and ways of collecting data are invented. It goes beyond what data is collected – to how it’s collected, who collects it and has access to it and where it’s stored.

Living Comfortably with Data

April 11, 2018


Our host, Lee Silverman welcomes Mark Tietbohl. He is a growth strategies advisor and change catalyst at Growth Strategy Advisors. Topics today are about getting comfortable with data.

There is a great deal of data eveywhere today. So much so, that most organizations wanting to start the data driven decision process can easily become overwhelmed. There are numerous studies that show that companies that drive decision with data experience greater growth than those that do not.

But the key to doing this well for the long haul is to start with a "less is more" approach. Getting comfortable with data requires that you choose initially what matters to you rather than drinking from the firehose.

Some of the questions they'll cover include:

  1. What are the dangers of collecting too much data too soon?
  2. Data and technology makes it easier to change direction for marketing today. Is this a good thing?
  3. Are there downsides of data driven approach?
  4. If you are not a currently a data driven decision making organization, how do you get started?

In addition to serving as an adjunct instructor for Web Analytics/SEO and Mobile Marketing in the IMC program, Mark Tietbohl is currently engaged in providing marketing and business development strategy support to technology industry clients. 

Mind the Gap – Here comes Generation Z. Are you prepared?

March 28, 2018


Brands, business leaders, and marketers ignore this new cohort at their own peril. Generation Z, aged 8 to 23, is now America’s fastest-growing demographic, representing 25%+ of Americans.  That makes them bigger than the Baby Boomers, and even bigger than the Millennial generation.  Despite the fact that Gen Z is made up of such young consumers, it is already an important cohort that is making its presence felt across brands, culture and advertising.

While many of us have been distracted by the Millennial generation, today we turn our focus to Gen Zers to learn some surprising truths about their attitudes and behaviors, and why ignoring them will be a big mistake for marketers.

Our guest today will be Patti Girardi, colleague, author and renowned thought leader in generational marketing. Host is Cyndi Greenglass.

Patti Girardi

Patti Girardi is an author, speaker and longstanding contributor to the IMC and DMC programs at West Virginia University's Reed College of Media. She is a recognized thought leader in marketing to Millennials and Generation Z. Previously, Patti served as VP, Marketing for Chartwells, the college dining division of global foodservice giant Compass Group. In this role, Patti led Chartwells’ industry-leading rebrand from “Eat. Learn. Live.” to “Where Hungry Minds Gather,” addressing the unique attributes of Generation Z. Patti previously served as VP, Sales & Marketing for Fox Cable Networks. She began her marketing career with Cox Communications, where she held a number of field and corporate marketing positions. Girardi graduated valedictorian from Trinity College with a Bachelor of Arts in Economics and also holds a Master of Business Administration from Harvard University. 

5 Minute Tip on Going Mobile - Author Bob Bentz with Matthew Cummings - WVU Radio

March 25, 2018

This five minute tip from author Bob Bentz answers the most popular question about website design: The first thing you do in web site design is not design for the desk top.  Author Bob Bentz and host Matthew Cummings discuss why mobile is not a nice to have but a necessity.

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Relevance Raises Response

March 13, 2018

Marketing is an ongoing contest for people’s attention. Mobile marketing is all about customer engagement and acquisition with a relevant message that provides the response a brand is seeking. Mobile is the closest a brand can get to its customer.  What we’ll be discussing today is how a brand or business can take advantage of marketing in the age of mobile. Today's episode is hosted by Matthew Cummings.

Some of what we'll be covering includes:

  • How did you get your start in mobile?
  • What are your favorites tips for text messaging?
  • Mobile advertising is the fastest growing medium in the marketing world today.  What do you attribute that to?  And, how can businesses best buy advertisements on mobile?
  • More consumers are using ad blockers today.  How much of a threat are ad blockers to the mobile advertising industry?
  • Where is the best place to advertise to download an app?

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Time to declutter your data and create your own narrative story

February 28, 2018

We have all heard about how you can make your life more balanced when you declutter your closets and your life. But what about your data? Can you really make yourself better understood when you turn your data into a three-act narrative? Today we will hear from Neelesh Varde who will help us unlock the secrets of how to unlock the visually appealing stories in your complex data.

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Emerging Social Media Trends Because of Data - Emerick & Greenglass

February 19, 2018

From the program entitled, Is "Data-Driven" the Buzz Kill for Marketing" with Susan Emerick and Cyndi Greenglass, we have a 3.25 minute segment that just addresses what Susan as an industry pioneer sees as emerging social media trends for the use of data.  

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If everything starts and ends with data, where do you want to go?

February 13, 2018

The graveyard is littered with companies who have died when they were abandoned by their customers. This is what happens when you don’t listen to them, and you lose touch with what matters. Today, we live in a world where our customers want to help shape the brands they are passionate about and even control the conversation. It is a two-way dialogue in business today, and marketers have to understand how to navigate this new environment. In this podcast, we will learn how brands need to evolve to stay relevant, how to determine what data is valuable and actionable, and how companies are using data to develop meaningful loyalty and engagement.

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