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You Can Be Fined By the FTC

You Can Be Fined By the FTC

August 20, 2019


Well before the current frenzy over “tweets gone wild,” Joe Barnes walked into businesses, for-profits, and non-profits, and would ask: “What’s your social media policy?” The usual response was: We don’t have one, or “Go talk to marketing about that.”

In his travels, he realized that nearly every business and organization he walked into, no matter what size, did not have a written social media policy, nor did they clearly understand or even know what the Federal Trade Commission requires in the way of disclosure. That’s why he wrote his book: “Social Media Ethics Made Easy: How to Comply with FTC Disclosure Requirements.” The book is available from Business Expert Press or on AmazonDigtal3000.net

Our host today is Matthew Cummings.

About Joe Barnes 

Joe Barnes is a highly sought-after digital media marketing strategist, conference speaker and trainer. He consults on major media, social/digital media, strategic communications, public relations, and marketing initiatives. His clients have ranged from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies, nonprofits and leading government agencies. Joe understands and leverages consumer insights to provide solutions and ideas that bridge TV, web, mobile, social media, email, search, advertising, etc., and maximize consumer engagement.

He answers key questions such as how brands are communicated and experienced through digital interactions, and how digital interactions fit into broader customer experiences. Joe is known for his passion for innovation and the customer experience, combined with a sound understanding of consumers, social networks, and brands. As a journalist/storyteller he has led teams that have won countless Emmy® Awards and the prestigious Edward R. Murrow Award for Outstanding Journalism. He’s an educator at Seattle University; has an MA Degree; is quoted in two books; is on several boards; and is a certified Leadership Trainer.

Contact Joe Barnes about speaking to your group: [email protected]

How Direct Marketing is Redefining Itself as a Digital Force – Susan Jones

How Direct Marketing is Redefining Itself as a Digital Force – Susan Jones

August 15, 2019


The host is Cyndi Greenglass and the guest is author, professor, and consultant Susan Jones.

There is a continued move toward the integration of direct and digital marketing and the balance of online and offline media.  In this episode, we'll talk about trends in database marketing, and how a creative person can uniquely contribute to the use of insights from the database I also want to touch on the current climate regarding consumer privacy concerns. 

Talking points include:

  1. Many in our industry feel that Direct Marketing is no longer an effective description of the practice of addressable and measurable communications. In fact, I believe that you are an advocate of using “Direct and Digital Marketing”.  Tell me how this had developed and why you feel that this is a better way to describe the industry today.
  2. Are traditional media like print, catalogs, and TV are on their way out?
  3. Do you believe in the reality of “Omnichannel” or is it still a future aspiration for us marketers?
  4. How do your creative skills help you to use information from databases?
  5. Can small and medium-sized companies afford to develop and use helpful databases, or is that just for the bigger firms?
  6. In Europe, the GDPR mandates went into effect.  Do you see more privacy legislation and regulation coming up in the US as well?
  7. With so many firms developing content marketing programs, how can a marketer make sure that their information stands out?

About our Guest, Susan Jones:

Susan Jones is a tenured, full professor of marketing at Ferris State University in Big Rapids, Michigan, and the principal of Susan K. Jones & Associates. Jones teaches direct marketing, digital marketing, advertising and business-to-business classes at Ferris State. Her practice focuses on corporate training and seminars in direct and interactive marketing, as well as marketing planning, product development and copywriting. Susan has a literal worldwide following with students in United States, as well as South and Central America, Australia, Canada, Mexico, and Europe.

Jones has authored or co-authored more than 25 books, has been honored by the Direct Marketing Educational Foundation, the Chicago Association of Direct Marketing, the West Michigan American Marketing Association, the John Caples International Awards, Ferris State University and Northwestern University with prestigious awards both as an educator and as a practitioner.

Susan is also a fellow Adjunct Instructor at WVU in the Master of Science in Integrated Marketing Communications and has been selected by students of the University for the prestigious Educator of the Year award.



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B2B Marketing in 2019

B2B Marketing in 2019

August 12, 2019


Everyone is advertising, so how do you cut through the clutter in the B2B space? In this podcast, Bill Jones will discuss challenges B2B marketers face and offer tactics to solve those challenges. He’ll also touch on key lead generation tools as well as strategies to measure the ROI of direct marketing strategies.

Concept Development, Strategy and Tactics in Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC)

Concept Development, Strategy and Tactics in Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC)

July 31, 2019


Integrated Marketing Communications is a field that requires us to succeed in conceptual thinking and
strategy development. How does that lead us into campaign development in IMC615?

The Digital Space:

With all the varied media selections, outlets, platforms, and emerging messaging and communications
avenues, how are we to create marketing campaigns that will have an impact on the target audience?

Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC)

What are we learning about the basic idea behind our program, Integrated Marketing Communications
here in the Reed College of Media at West Virginia University? How do we make sure our conceptual
thinking addresses contemporary needs?

This is part two of an earlier interview Larry did with Cyndi Greenglass. You can listen to the first part here.

About our guest:

Larry Stultz, Ph.D., has been on the IMC faculty since 2007. He served as department chair for the Bachelor of Arts in Advertising program at The Art Institute of Atlanta, where he taught courses in conceptual thinking and campaign development for twenty years. Prior to entering the teaching phase of his life, he operated design and advertising firms in New Orleans and Atlanta with clients in hospitality and tourism, commercial real estate, corporate communications, health care, and social services. He has served on the board of directors of the Atlanta Ad Club and provides ideation facilitation and consulting services to clients in the southeast.

Stultz holds Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts degrees in Visual Design from Purdue University, and he earned his Ph.D. in Educational Policy: Social Foundations from Georgia State University in 2006.

Stultz is the winner of the 2010 Golden Quill Teaching Award.

Why Programmatic Media Use Takes Out Advertising Waste

Why Programmatic Media Use Takes Out Advertising Waste

July 24, 2019


Why Tzeitel Haviland Makes Sense

"Tzeitel Haviland dives deep into the workings of programmatic media, walking us through its evolution and what marketers should consider when developing a programmatic media strategy."

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Digital Technology and Ethical Uncertainties in Strategic Marketing

Digital Technology and Ethical Uncertainties in Strategic Marketing

July 17, 2019


Digital technologies have transformed the media landscape and are integral to virtually every industry and field, and marketing is no exception. Today, marketers must integrate both the creative aspects of the discipline with more technical aspects. Data-driven marketing strategies have become fundamental to the new marketing model. Emerging technologies have accelerated the speed, reach, and relevancy of marketing campaigns and inadvertently opened a virtual pandora’s box of ethical uncertainties that cause us to call into question issues of privacy versus convenience.

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