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Your Career Post-Pandemic: How to Reset, Refocus and Level Up

Your Career Post-Pandemic: How to Reset, Refocus and Level Up

January 7, 2021



Did your career and professional development take a back seat to the many demands and evolving priorities in 2020? What does the future of work look like for marcom professionals, and how can you adapt – and thrive – in this new environment? Whether you’re trying to land your next gig, expand your network or get serious about professional development in the New Year – join industry veteran and career enthusiast, Bridgette Borst Ombres for a discussion on personal branding and how to get refocused on your career goals.


About Amy's Guest: 

Bridgette Borst Ombres is a former TV news reporter turned PR and marketing professional with nearly 15 years’ experience working in communications across agency, corporate and nonprofit. Bridgette has media trained more than 350 spokespeople for organizations around the country and has consulted for brands such as Google, Angry Birds, Vestas, Boy Scouts of America and Earth Day Network.

Bridgette owns The Commsultant, a boutique PR agency specializing in communications planning, thought leadership and media strategy. 

Through the years, Bridgette has worked to place hundreds of students and young professionals in internships and jobs. She is passionate about mentoring and professional development.
Based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Bridgette lives with her husband, David and three-year-old daughter, Brielle. 


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