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Selling Stories in a Digital World

Selling Stories in a Digital World

November 18, 2020

Sukhi Sahni on WVU Marketing Communications Today hosted by Amy teller


The use of digital advertising has been on the rise and has seen continuous growth despite these unprecedented times. How do you stand out in a crowded digital space? Storytelling. Join Sukhi Sahni, head of corporate communications at Capital One as she discusses how to sell stories in a digital world.


About Amy's Guest:

Sukhi is passionate about reframing relationships between brands and their customers and consumers, prizing purpose, authenticity, poignancy, and connected conversation above all things. She believes that powerful storytelling is at the heart of good communication and draws on her training as a broadcast journalist to extract truths, push boundaries and challenge the status quo. Sukhi deeply values the relationships she’s built and cultivated over the years with journalists, bloggers and influencers - relationships that are core to the storytelling process.

Sukhi brings the energy of new practitioner with the finesse and fearlessness of a veteran to her daily practice. She currently holds the position of Senior Director of
Communications at Capital One and was recently recognized by The Holmes Report a global communications leader through the “Global Innovator 25 Award” and a top woman in PR through the “Top Women in PR Award”.


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