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The Future of Work in Social Media

The Future of Work in Social Media

October 13, 2019


The social media industry is constantly changing along with the expectations for work. However, experience is one element to the equation to becoming successful in the workplace and industry, but there are some essential skills, best practices, and tips students and young professionals need to grasp in order to be marketable. Dennis Yu will discuss these new expectations, what are the best practices to market yourself using social media, and the future of work in social media.


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Building crisis readiness into the skillsets of students

Building crisis readiness into the skillsets of students

October 7, 2019


With the ease in which a negative event can go viral these days, effective crisis management is a valuable skillset that students need to bring into the workforce with them. In this session, Melissa Agnes, a globally recognized and leading expert in crisis management, shares some of her experience in working in the field as well as how she helps professors bring crisis management best practices into their classrooms to help their students build and hone this critical skillset.  Her immensely popular book, Crises Ready is available where fine book sold.


Building an INVINCIBLE Brand in an Uncertain World

The potential risks in modern-day business are greater, more dynamic, and less predictable than ever before. And yet, the greatest exposure does not lie within these risks. Rather, it lies in having a team that is not prepared to anticipate, foresee, or respond to a rising threat, and its impact on your reputation, revenue, and relationships in real-time.

No matter your level of security, due-diligence, or control, the reality is that we live in uncertain times. Organizations are prone to a multitude of risks that can attack from every angle. When your team is crisis ready, your organization is prepared for anything and everything that the modern world can throw at it.

In Crisis Ready, Melissa Agnes draws from her remarkable experience in helping global brands, government organizations, and world leaders prevent and overcome a range of real-world, high-impact crises. She uses this experience to provide your organization with a clear roadmap to implementing a crisis ready culture–and thus building an INVINCIBLE brand.

Crisis Ready is not about crisis management.

Management is what happens after the negative event has occurred. Readiness is what is done to build an INVINCIBLE brand, where negative situations don’t occur—and even if they do, they’re instantly overcome in a way that leads to increased organizational trust, credibility, and goodwill.

No matter the size, type, or industry of your business, Crisis Ready will provide your team with the insight into how to be perfectly prepared for anything life throws at you. Organizations that are crisis ready are more than just resilient. They’re invincible. Crisis Ready is your roadmap to business invincibility.


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