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Be the real deal: Audacious Authenticity in an age of contrived reality

September 24, 2019


How do we build sustainable relationships with customers today? We communicate genuine value and an enduring message of dependability. This often sounds nice and improbable these days. Authenticity is hardly intuitive, and it is easily missed as we multitask and try to get ahead of the curve. Authenticity is also critically important to breed deep-rooted trust, loyalty, respect and integrity. Being audacious means being intentional and rigorous to the craft of being authentic in how any organization and product is presented to its target market.

The ‘Audacious Authenticity superpower’ amplifies and accelerates engagement, surpasses goals and drives sustainable impact. It works in private, public and nonprofit sectors, and in legacy institutions as well as start-up ventures. This art form is built on seven tested and proven core competencies that have been refined over 20+ years of practice in the field of grassroots community engagement and education with particular focus on Millennial and GenZ trends.

About our guest:

Tamara Rebick is the Founder and Chief Experience Officer (CXO) of CORIPHERY Holistic Consulting Solutions, a boutique consulting firm that delivers strategic solutions to the non-profit, education and community/social sectors. An eternal optimist, she advocates for organizational wellness and is passionate about challenging the status quo through “respectful disruption”. Advising executives, educators and community leaders on where are the young people? Tamara consults and advises on strategies connected to participant engagement, organizational capacity-building, and culture design.

She believes the key to success is in creating transformative impact through relevant, inclusive and authentic encounters. Merging her passion for experiential education with workplace learning, Tamara speaks on a range of topics and facilitates interactive professional development workshops for audiences ranging from teen through adult. Tamara is also a strategic thought partner and mentor for early, mid and senior-career professionals, many of whom are former students and colleagues. 

Leveraging 20+ years in the education sector, Tamara draws on her experience working closely with Millennial and GenZ demographics in formal, experiential and informal settings. Tamara holds an M.Ed in Adult Education and Community Development from the University of Toronto, certificates in Experiential Education, Adaptive Leadership, Coaching and Storytelling for Change, and has been trained in Design Thinking.


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