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Content Marketing is Smarter Marketing

February 29, 2020


Content marketing can be a powerful tool when you really know your audience and can provide information and insights they need and want. Gennifer Chenault, a content marketing strategist for SOC Telemed, walks us through her creative process and how to use data to measure your successes (and failures). She’ll help you determine if content marketing is right for your organization and, if so, how you can find the subject matter experts who can get at the issues and answer the questions that are important to your consumers.

About Gennifer Chenault:
Gennifer is an experienced B2B marketing professional in the intersection between healthcare and technology. She is a content marketing strategist for SOC Telemed, an acute telemedicine company in Reston, VA. A true marketing “journeywoman”, Gennifer has held direct response, lead generation, telemarketing, market research, product marketing, and product management roles in small, medium, large and global organizations. She blames this career path on wanting to know everything about everything.

When she’s not writing or editing or distributing content at work, she’s reading thrillers, science fiction or fantasy (or working on her own fantasy trilogy). Gennifer holds a bachelor’s degree in English from West Virginia University and met her husband in an elevator at Summit Hall.


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