WVU Marketing Communications Today

Digital Technology and Ethical Uncertainties in Strategic Marketing

July 17, 2019


Digital technologies have transformed the media landscape and are integral to virtually every industry and field, and marketing is no exception. Today, marketers must integrate both the creative aspects of the discipline with more technical aspects. Data-driven marketing strategies have become fundamental to the new marketing model. Emerging technologies have accelerated the speed, reach, and relevancy of marketing campaigns and inadvertently opened a virtual pandora’s box of ethical uncertainties that cause us to call into question issues of privacy versus convenience.

Ethical issues in marketing stem from a disconnect in the set of expectations between businesses and consumers. The direct impact on the consumer and the repercussions for the marketer, should their practices be deemed unethical, can undermine brand trust. Consequently, it is fundamentally important for marketers to navigate the ethical tightrope, recognize potential implications behind the use of digital technologies, and develop deep clarity on ethical issues when creating socially responsible and sustainable marketing strategies.

Listen to this episode live July 18 at 1 pm Eastern as host, Matthew Cummings welcomes his guest, Amy Teller.

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