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Healthcare Marketing is Moving Fast, but Where?

September 22, 2022



The term “Healthcare” covers both the medical and the life sciences industries, and marketers in these fields enjoy all kinds of opportunities. Professionals are navigating the dynamics of an increasingly engaged and empowered end-user patient base, while also juggling a complex and diverse channel strategy—all within a highly regulated environment. While this may stunt the speed of change in other industries, there’s no such slowdown here. Our guest, Jean-Francois (JF) Denault, shares with us what’s going on in Healthcare marketing, from AI-driven chat and social media to the move from cost-based to value-based messaging. JF has worked in Healthcare and life sciences marketing for over 20 years and has his own consultancy working with big names in pharma and medical devices. JF has written two books on the subject and is located in Montreal, Canada. Join us for a lively, informative conversation.

About our Guest:

Jean-Francois Denault has been working with innovators and entrepreneurs in life sciences as a professional consultant for over fifteen years. Through the years, he has worked with over 40 different clients in life sciences (including larger companies such as J&J, Denka Seiken and Chemo Group). His clients are located worldwide, as he has completed projects with clients in over 25 different countries.

JF specializes in the life sciences market. As such, he has completed pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, medical devices, nutraceuticals and healthcare projects. Most of his recent projects have been in the market research, marketing strategy and competitive intelligence space.

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