WVU Marketing Communications Today

How to Use Data to Better Align Sales and Marketing?

March 6, 2020


Sales and marketing go hand-in-hand and when you can use data from one to inform the other, you’re in a better position to come up with strategies (and tweaks to those strategies) to give your consumers what they want.  But that’s easier said than done. 

Tessa Burg, the vice president of user experience and technology strategy at Tenlo, has been doing just that for more than 15 years. She shares tips on how marketers can get started, what works and doesn’t work, and how data-backed marketing has evolved over time. She also explores which digital marketing strategies work best for specific channels.

Tessa Burg is vice president of user experience and technology strategy at Tenlo, a pipeline marketing company that focuses on engaging high-value prospects with relevant buyer experiences that get results. Tessa has been leading data-driven marketing and technology product teams for 15 years and has successfully executed the Rapid Testing process across hundreds of experiments, new product launches, and omnichannel campaigns. 

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