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It’s Time to Humanize, not just Analyze, Data

January 27, 2022

Stephen H. Yu


Are your models annoying or delighting your consumers? Marketers have been using machine learning for years to help create advanced models, but that is not going to cut it in the future. Too many personalization efforts today rely on algorithms that are turning people off. And our attempts at automated personalization engines are forcing consumer audiences to simply tune brands out.

In this episode, we explore the connection between models, analytics, and even Eric Clapton with our guest, Stephen Yu. As a songwriter, musician, and master modeler, Stephen brings a unique perspective to data science and a cautionary message as well: Those who rely solely on automated analytic solutions will be the first to be replaced by the machine!

About our Guest:

Stephen H. Yu is a world-class database marketer with a proven track record in comprehensive strategic planning and tactical execution, effectively bridging the gap between the marketing and technology world with a balanced view obtained from over 30 years of experience in best practices of database marketing.

Currently, he is President & Chief Consultant at Willow Data Strategy. Previously he served as Practice Head, Advanced Analytics & Insights for eClerx, and VP, Data Strategy & Analytics at Data Axle. Earlier, he was the founding CTO of I-Behavior Inc.

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