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Keeping Your Attention: Why Understanding Your Audience in the Digital Age is Still Underrated

March 4, 2021



With the golden age of social media and digital marketing in full swing, the competition for consumers’ attention is fierce. To stay relevant, marketers must understand the changing needs and preferences of their audience and adapt their strategies accordingly. We’ll discuss the importance of innovating to keep your audience’s attention, how to evaluate your tactics to avoid outdated practices and how to maintain your brand values as you evolve your strategy.

About our Guest:

A 2017 graduate of West Virginia University’s Integrated Marketing Communications Master of Science program, Isaac Mei is an energetic and passionate digital marketer, brand manager, and content creator with nearly a decade of experience in marketing for education and non-profits. Isaac is passionate about helping brands develop a better understanding for their audiences and creating content tailored to provide value to them.

Isaac is currently the associate social media strategist for Pew Research Center in Washington, D.C., where he is responsible for components of the Center’s overall social media presence and innovation on new and up-and-coming digital platforms.

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