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Marketing for Small Businesses in a Time of Uncertainty

July 14, 2022



"Small business owners are not marketers,” says our guest Stephanie Schwab, CEO of Crackerjack Marketing. But she can help them become proficient, and successful, if they follow a distinct process that she shares during this episode. As the world enters a time of business uncertainty, Stephanie recommends that owners reassess their marketing, to understand the nature of their unique offering and to take stock of their customers. Listen in, as we explore the details around her process, and her marketing must-dos—including the surprising Top Tip she gives to business owners.

About our Guest:

As CEO of Crackerjack Marketing, Stephanie Schwab creates engaging digital marketing programs for exuberant lifestyle, tech, and education brands. Over the last 20+ years, Stephanie has focused on social media, content marketing, and influence marketing, blending management consulting best practices with agency creativity.

She is the Director of the Digital Marketing Programme at Harbour. Space, a high-tech university in Barcelona, Spain and Bangkok, Thailand, where she teaches courses on fundamentals of digital marketing, social media and content marketing, and starting and running an agency.

Stephanie also works with coaches, consultants, and service providers to create profitable and sustainable marketing through her Business Marketing Blueprint program.

Stephanie received her MBA in marketing and strategic planning from the University of Illinois at Chicago. When not working or teaching, Stephanie travels, plays board games with her husband and teenager, knits, and cooks gluten-free meals.

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