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Moneyball for Brands Meet eSports – You Have Met Your Match

February 13, 2019


If you thought you understood consumer branding, think again.

If you thought that gaming was for kids, think again.

If you want to understand how to harness the buying power of the next generation of consumers, listen in and fasten your seat belt.

First there was CPG marketing. Brands like P&G and Kroger developed deep data insights into consumer behavior through database marketing which led to personalized communications based on predictive consumer behavior. In sports there was Money Ball which applied the concepts of data and predictive analytics to performance, and it changed the way sports is managed. At the same time, esports, video gaming, and competitive gaming left the basements of millions of households worldwide and became part of our living rooms, our recreation, and our lives. Then came Machine learning and AI which allowed us to apply big data and predictive analysis to highly complex and predictive one-to-one communications. These worlds have now collided and there is no going back.

Today we will explore the world of esports and competitive gaming and why brands are chasing the elusive gaming consumer. We will also see how the power of ML and AI is being applied to bring a confluence of branding, entertainment and commerce using big data and analytics.  Some of the topics we will explore will include:

  • The fundamentals of the eSports ecosystem
  • Competitive gaming – why is it the next frontier for brands?
  • Monetizing the elusive gamer consumer – how are you doing it?
  • Is attribution a reality or a fantasy?
  • 3 basic tips you can take away from the leading edge of AI

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