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Public Affairs tactics add government resources to your arsenal

September 18, 2019


In our roles as communicators, we seek to help our clients and organizations solve problems or enhance their image with purpose. That can include seeking funding, increasing positive visibility and motivating key audiences to act. IMC and DMC professionals might be surprised to know the multiple benefits of working with government. This podcast will explore recent real-world case studies and the many benefits organizations have achieved by tapping government resources and opportunities. Results speak volumes -- grants awarded; third-party validation of products, services and programs; successful nominations of federal advisory committee members; earned media placements; social media support; and the receipt of proactive ideas from government officials.

About Mike's guest: Mike Fulton, Director of Asher Agency's Washington D.C., office.

Mike Fulton, teaches IMC 638 - Public Affairs at West Virginia University. He's the director of Asher Agency’s Washington, D.C., office, has more than 30 years of business networking, government relations, and communications experience.

Before joining Asher Agency, he spent more than 22 years at GolinHarris Public Affairs, utilizing Congressional and federal agency meetings, grassroots campaigns, creative events, videos, survey research and media relations to enhance his advocacy activities and achieve tremendous government relations results for his clients.

Prior to joining GolinHarris, Mike worked for two members of the U.S. House of Representatives (Appropriations Chairman Alan B. Mollohan and the late Rep. Robert H. Mollohan, both of West Virginia) as associate counsel to the House Appropriations Committee, press secretary, and special projects assistant.  During his Congressional career, he worked to solve community, institutional and economic challenges.


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