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Staying Social on Social Media with Really Good Content

October 22, 2019


You need to market your products or services, so go start a Facebook page, right? It’s quick, it’s easy and more importantly, it’s free. But, it isn’t a good strategy. First, we must take a step back and understand the benefit really good content has in building your brand. Then we can identify new ways to efficiently distributing your content, which yes, will include social media. Social media changes daily. In order to keep up, you must understand which social channel is right for you to cultivate a relationship with your audience. For social media success, it’s quality over quantity. It’s also part of the larger strategy that starts with content.

About Karen's guest: Mary Prevost

Empowering brands and inspiring people to think differently – this is how Mary Prevost has approached her 16 years of work in the public relations industry.
Nurturing meaningful relationships is key to Prevost’s success – from internal executives and colleagues to external target audiences and media. Prevost’s vast experience spans both agency and client-side work and she’s helped clients of all sizes, from Fortune 500 companies to startups and non-profits. Her specialties include both B2B and B2C strategic communication, content marketing, media relations, writing, social media planning and execution, crisis communication, brand development, event planning, and internal communications/team building.

Prevost previously worked as Director of Communications at Cheyenne Regional Medical Center in Cheyenne, WY, and then transitioned into agency work as an Account Supervisor at an agency in downtown Minneapolis. In 2014, Prevost founded MJP Strategic Communications to provide independent public relations consulting services. In 2019, she founded Prevost Partners with her husband to broaden their services.

Prevost graduated with an M.B.A. from Augsburg College (Minneapolis, MN), a B.A. in Mass Communications with emphasis in Public Relations and News Editorial from Colorado Mesa University (Grand Junction, CO) and an A.A.S. in Radio/TV Broadcasting from Central Wyoming College (Riverton, WY).


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