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Where’s the Beef with Mixed Reality Marketing

March 25, 2021



Mixed reality is everything between AR to VR and in-between, evolving the consumer experience with virtual try ons, but where is mixed reality marketing going? Instagram and Snapchat have embraced AR and VR more than other platforms, people are virtually viewing houses, trying on lipstick, glasses and more and the outlook for mixed reality is bright. Join David Smith, Teaching Assistant Professor with West Virginia University's Reed College of Media as he discusses "Where's the Beef with Mixed Reality Marketing" on the sub-series, Marketing Horizons.

About our Guest:

David Smith is a Teaching Assistant Professor at the West Virginia University Reed College of Media, where he teaches multimedia storytelling – including augmented and virtual reality (AR & VR) – to students across all majors. Before joining the faculty at WVU, he was a visual journalist for several news organizations in North and South Carolina, Alabama, Ohio and West Virginia. He’s always looking for innovative ways to use new tech for storytelling and education.

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