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Why is it so hard to talk about food?

January 31, 2020


Food is one of the few universal concepts that connects every living thing—we all eat. So why is the discussion about food, including how it’s produced, how it’s accessed and purchased, and how it’s consumed such a contentious debate? From genetically modified organisms to farm subsidies to local foods to food stamps, there is no shortage of hotly-contested subject matter in the food space. In this podcast, we’ll discuss where sticking points remain, what common ground exists, and where both the public and private sector are making strides to improve the conversation.

About Partrick Delaney

Patrick Delaney has spent the last 13 years talking about food and agriculture, across the agency, trade association, and legislative spaces. As a young public relations practitioner, he worked on campaigns for consumer-facing heritage brands at Unilever, Procter & Gamble, M&M/Mars and Campbell’s. He then spent ten years as spokesman for organizations representing the fresh fruit and vegetable industry, as well as the nation’s soybean farmers, working on public affairs communications on issues ranging from food safety and nutrition to trade, immigration and infrastructure. During that time, he received his master’s in IMC from West Virginia. He now directs the communications for the House Committee on Agriculture in Washington.


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